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We deliver clean sanitized bed linens
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Our linen is folded and packaged in plastic wrap
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Our gowns come in sizes to fit all patients
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Specializes only in linens
for medical facilities.
Your patients do prefer linen,
Just ask them!
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Our drivers keep your shelves organized
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Your staff can spend their time with patients
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Your nurses perform better when they look great
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Your physisians look sharp and professional
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In the end, everyone is happy
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Our Services Include
Weekly or daily linen delivery
Adjustable par levels
Based on seasonal trends
Staff Apparel
Scrub Sales
Lab Coat Sales
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We specialize in surgery centers
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We also service private practices
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X-ray technicians use our services
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Blankets for diagnostic centers
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Lab coats for laboratories
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Medical Linen Service
Serves all types of medical facilities
This includes Surgery Centers
Small to large practices
Diagnostic and X-ray centers
Pharmicutical labs and more
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